Monday, December 3, 2012

Orchard apartments come with sky garage in living room

Saturday, Dec 01, 2012

SINGAPORE - Luxury apartment owners can now keep an eye on their luxury cars from the very comfort of their own living room.

Residents at district 9 condominium The Hamilton on Scotts Road get to park their hot wheels in a private garage separated by just a glass window from their living rooms.

In a video posted online, a man is seen driving a Lamborghini Aventador into a lift for vehicles in the building.

The car lift has a biometric scanner which can automatically detect which apartment he is from.

His car is then transferred via a glass lift to a sky garage.

The car is then auto-parked in the garage which has glass walls and sits  in a high-level apartment unit.

The man then takes another lift to his apartment and takes a seat in his living room.

Here, he is seen enjoying a maginficent view of not only the city but also the cars in his garage.

The Hamilton Scotts is a 30-storey condominium along Scotts Road with a total of 56 apartment units.

An apartment in the building developed by Hayden properties reportedly costs between $11 million and $29 million.

An estimated one-third of the Hamilton Scotts' units have already been snapped up.

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  1. I was shocked on the price! LOL
    But I think it's worth it. By the way, the video you have mentioned above is quite interesting to me. Where I can watch it to see the actual look of this property?

    Cebu Condo