Saturday, October 20, 2012

International schools part of Singapore's infrastructure

SINGAPORE: International schools are a necessary part of the infrastructure for Singapore to remain attractive to foreign businesses like MNCs and Asian enterprises.

Minister of State for Trade and Industry Teo Ser Luck said this at the campus opening ceremony of the Stamford American International School on Friday.

Mr Teo said: "International schools provide the kind of facilities and education services that are needed by these expatriates. But not only that, they also create an industry within the education services sector. The school itself has also created administrative jobs and all for Singaporeans, and in many ways this would encourage the economy and facilitate the growth of the economy as well."

The school is billed to be the largest education project in Asia and costs S$300 million to build.

Besides computer labs and sporting facilities, teachers are able to conduct lectures using video-conferencing technology.

The school currently has 1,000 students from Nursery to Grade 9 from over 40 nationalities and is expected to have 3,300 students by 2014.

The school also announced plans for phase two of its development.

The school plans to build an innovation centre on that plot of land by 2014.

One of the features of the centre is a fully fitted trading centre for students to witness and even participate in market action.

Cognita Teaching Excellence's chief executive officer (Asia-Pacific) Brian Rogove helped developed the idea.

Mr Rogove said: "When a child finishes their high school, and they go to university, they're typically trying to find themselves. And so our thought was to bring that a couple of years into the school, starting in the second to last year of high school, where we create a centre where kids can explore ideas where they normally would explore in university or in the commercial world."

It is hoped such facilities will not only help students learn, but also forge partnerships with the corporate sector.

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