Friday, October 19, 2012

800 Super wins tender for Tuas South Street 7 site

The land parcel, along with two other plots, will be used for a materials recovery facility plant and as a vehicle depot.

The Board of Directors of 800 Super Holdings Limited announced that JTC Corporation had awarded the company a third tender to lease a third land parcel, namely Plot 26 at Tuas South Street 7 comprising an area of approximately 10,094.9 square metres, subject to the conditions as set out in the tender documents.

The company intends to use Plot 26, together with Plots 25 and 27 which JTC had awarded in September, for a materials recovery facility plant for the recovery of recyclables and also as a vehicle depot, for storage of materials and equipments as well as for the maintenance of the Group’s vehicles.

The Group is also considering establishing a waste-to-energy plant on the three plots of lands.

The lease term for Plot 26 shall be 22 years from the date of full payment of the tendered sale price of S$6,300,000. It shall expire not later than 30 December 2035.

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