Sunday, April 17, 2011

Seven blocks of HUDC flats in hougang will be privatised

They are blocks 344 to 350 in Hougang, Avenue 7.

In the mandate exercise conducted in February, 81.5 per cent or 233 out of 286 units voted for privatisation.

The results were announced by the protem committee at Hougang Community Club on Saturday.

The road to privatisation took two—and—a—half years.

Hougang Grassroots Organisations adviser and member of the People’s Action Party (PAP), Eric Low, said that during the process, one issue was over the estimated amount from the sinking fund set aside for the estate.

"My understanding, which I empathize with them (residents), is that until today, they have still not heard from the town council the estimated amount that they have put aside...the residents are asking, ’We are now going to privatise. Well, we are going to take over the estate’. Of course, I do understand their concern. Where do we start? If we don’t have enough sinking fund, then they will need to do some fundraising, or to that effect," he said.

The PAP candidate for Hougang in the upcoming General Election, Mr Desmond Choo, said he will help residents sort out existing issues with the privatisation exercise. This includes working with current MP Low Thia Khiang.

"They’ve just brought out to me and Eric (Low) that there is some sinking funds issues that they want some clarity from the Town Council......we will be working very closely with Mr Low Thia Khiang to see whether we can help them through the process. I think the key thing here is that we must work for the benefit of the residents, not just whether you are from the Workers’ Party or PAP," said Mr Choo.

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